The Need for a Messiah

The Need for a Messiah
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
July 22nd, 2018
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The Need for a messiah

Recently a group of boys who played soccer, got trapped in a cave in Thailand.  They were trapped 2.5 miles deep in the cave and there was absolutely no way they were going to get out of there without some help.  They needed someone to rescue them.

The same is true for us as Christians.  There is absolutely no way that we can save ourselves from our own sin.  We need someone to rescue us.  And the only one who can rescue us is Jesus.

1. We were Created in the Image of God
     Genesis 1:27

2. We cannot save ourselves
     John 14:6

3. We live on Bread until He returns
     John 6:35

Is Jesus your messiah?

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