Sermon on the Mount: The Law

Sermon on the Mount:
The Law
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
Oct 8, 2017
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The Sermon on the Mount: Give, Pray, Fast
The Sermon on the Mount.  It is a sermon directly to us (Jesus’ disciples) from Jesus Himself.  So, it’s a pretty important sermon.  And that is why we are spending a total of 6 weeks on it.  Today is our second week in this series and we will be talking about the part of the sermon that addresses the Law (Matthew 5:17-48).

This is probably what I would consider the first real “topic” of Jesus’ sermon. And here Jesus has three primary points:

1. He did not come to destroy the law, but to fulfill the law 
2. The law is about more than just the physical action it’s about intent and 
3. The law should make us different than the rest of the world.  

And this message would have really connected with his disciples at this time because the religious leaders were the Pharisees.  And the Pharisees were all about the law.  It was their goal to live by the law.  In all reality, they began to worship the letter of the law instead of following the intent of the law. 

And the law is where they butted heads with Jesus.  Most, if not all of their accusations against Jesus had to do with following the letter of the law.  They were teaching the letter of the Law, and Jesus was teaching heart of the law. So, in this sermon, Jesus begins to correct some of the teachings that the Pharisees had been giving.

So, how does this apply to us?  Often times, we approach the commands in the Bible the same way the Pharisees did.  We try to live by the letter of the law, instead of the intent of the law. This attitude towards the law shows up when we either look for loopholes so that we can sin without “sinning”… or when we look down at others because they sinned in physical ways.  But what we learn from Jesus in the sermon is that we are often just as guilty of breaking these laws in our hearts. Ultimately, we need to learn to live out God’s commands starting in our hearts.

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