Connecting the Good News - Review

Connecting the Good News
to the Entire Bible - Review
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
Sept 10th, 2017
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Connecting the Gospel to the Entire Bible - Review

The Gospel of Jesus Christ:
The world was created perfectly.
Sin entered the world and destroyed this perfectness and set mankind on a path to destruction.
Jesus came as a sacrifice to save the world from this path of destruction.
We can be saved if we believe in Jesus Christ.
Jesus will come again and redeem those who believe in Him and will begin a new kingdom where there is no sin.  We will live in His perfect love forever.

Many people don’t realize it, but the entire Bible points to this good news.

Creation (Genesis 1-2):
The World was Created Perfectly through Jesus Christ.

The Flood (Genesis 6:5-9:17):
The flood is the first of 3 baptisms the world (and Christians) will experience and sets in motion the plan of salvation.

Abraham’s Sacrifice (Genesis 22:1-19):
Abraham’s sacrifice, shows God’s love for us in that He will provide a sacrificial lamb in our place, who is His one and only son, Jesus Christ.

The Stolen Blessing (Genesis 25:27-34, 27:1-45):
The stolen blessing points the blessing and birthright we are given when are given the right to become the sons of God once we believe in Jesus.

Joseph’s Dream and life(Genesis 41:53-46:34, 50:15-21):
Joseph’s life, foreshadows how Jesus would be treated.  Joseph’s brother’s hated him and sold him into slavery and then did not recognize him when we was able to save them.
The world hated Jesus and crucified him.  The world does not recognize Him and yet He is able to save them.

Crossing the Red Sea (Exodus 13:17-17:7):
The crossing of the red sea i.e. the escape from bondage and the gift of a promised land, was not possible unless an innocent lamb had been slaughtered so the angel of death would pass over the children of Israel.
Our escape from bondage and the promised land of the Kingdom of God is not possible unless Jesus died for our sins.

Joshua and Caleb (Numbers 13:1-14:38):
Joshua and Caleb’s scouts found out how bountiful the promised land was.  And heaven is more bountiful than we can ever imagine.

David and Goliath (I Samuel 16-17):
David defeated his goliath with faith in God and 5 round stones.  We can defeat our goliaths with faith in Jesus and the 5 stone of faith, that we can carry with us anywhere.

Isaiah’s Prophesies (Isaiah 53):
Isaiah prophesies of Jesus’ coming.  He will be our messiah, our savior.

Mary and Joseph (Luke 1:26-56, Matthew 1:18-24):
Mary and Joseph are the parents of Jesus.

The Birth of Jesus (Luke 2:1-20):
Our hero enters the world.

Jesus and John the Baptist (John 2:22-36):
John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus’ ministry by preaching a message of repentance.  If we want Jesus in our lives, we need to prepare for Him by repenting in our own lives.

Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7):
The Sermon on the Mount is a message FROM Jesus, TO us (His disciples) ABOUT how to live until He returns.

Jesus’ Crucifixion & Resurrection (Matthew 26:36-28:10):
Jesus’ Crucifixion is at the heart of the good news of Jesus Christ.  Without Jesus dying on the cross, our sin doesn’t die with us and we can not be saved.
Jesus’ Ressurrection proves that He is the Son of God and that He has power over our sin.

Jesus’ Appearance to the Disciples:
Jesus’ appearance to the Disciples proved without a doubt, that our savior lives and that He is able to come and redeem us as His children.

Jesus’ 2nd Coming (Revelation 19-22):
Jesus will come again to redeem us!  We will spend eternity in heaven with God, where there will be no death, mourning or pain.  We will live in His love forever as His adopted children.

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