Connecting the Good News to the Sermon on the Mount

Connecting the Good News to
The Sermon on the Mount
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
August 13th, 2016
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Connecting the Gospel: The Sermon on the Mount
Matthew 5-7

Today we are connecting the Sermon on the Mount to the Gospel (good news) of Jesus Christ.

Why is the Sermon on the Mount important?

Matthew 5:1
When he saw the crowds, he went up on the mountain, and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. 2 The he began to teach them, saying:...

The reason the sermon on the mount is important because it is a sermon FROM Jesus… TO his disciples… ABOUT how to live.

First of all, this is a sermon from THE MESSIAH, Himself and is the longest recorded piece of teaching of Jesus in scripture.  So, the nature of who it is from makes it extremely important to us.

Second, it is important to note that this message was not for everyone.  This was not a message to unbelievers, it was to His disciples, the very first Christians. So, the nature of who Jesus is addressing - His disciples - makes this an extremely important message…

Third, this sermon is important because Jesus is giving His disciples instructions on how to live. Jesus knew he wouldn’t be here long, His ministry was only three years long and so he was giving His disciples instructions on how to live until his return.  So, by the nature of WHAT this message is about - the content of this message - makes this an extremely important message.

Where are we in this story?

As Christians, we are His disciples which makes this a sermon directly to us from Jesus, Himself.  Have you ever thought to yourself “If God would just tell me what to do…I would do it.”  Well He does and it is right here in the sermon on the Mount.

Between the 2 greatest commandments, the 10 commandments, and the sermon on the mount, I believe almost every situation you can come up with, is covered in some form. And in all honesty, if we follow all that He teachers here. We’d be doing pretty good.  We should strive to live these things out in our lives every day. And really, at all costs.

How does the Sermon on the Mount Point to the Good News of Jesus Christ?

In this sermon, Jesus is preparing His disciples to live without Him.  Jesus knew that soon, He would be crucified, come back to life and the return to heaven, so, he wanted to make sure he had given them instructions on how to live until His return.

Here is the thing, Jesus knew He would be gone…but He also knew he would return.  If Jesus wasn’t planning on coming back… If Jesus had no intention of saving us…Why would he care? Why would he bother giving this sermon?

A few weeks ago, I was headed out of town for a week.  Before I left, I did several things around the house to prepare for going out of town.  For instance, I mowed my yard.  If I hadn’t mowed my yard, it would have been out of control by the time I got back.  So, since I knew I was coming back, I made sure things were in order before I left.  If I had sold my house, and had no intention of coming back, I would not have mowed the yard.  And if Jesus had no intention of coming back, He would not have spent His time preparing His people for His return.

So, the very fact that Jesus gave us this sermon proves to us, that He is coming back and it points to the good news, because it means, that his promise to return was not just lip service. It was not to give us false hope.  But His promise to return is real, and we know this because He put in the work, and gave us a message to prepare us for his return.

Is the sermon on the mount preparing you for Jesus’ return? 
I encourage you to read the sermon on the Mount and see if Jesus is speaking to you!

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