Connecting the Good News to John the Baptist

Connecting the Good News to
John the Baptist
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
July 2nd, 2017
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Connecting the Good News to Jesus and John the Baptist
John 3:22-36

1. Why is John the Baptist important?
According to Matthew 3:1-3 John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus Christ.  And He did this by preaching a message of repentance:  a message that says turn away from  your current life, and turn towards a life with Jesus.  Reject your old sinful ways and seek righteousness.   The way he prepared the way for Jesus to come and do his work was by preaching and teaching repentance.

Subsequently, if we want to prepare ourselves for Jesus to come and do work in our lives, we must repent.  We must turn from what we are doing, and live by biblical principles.  This is how we prepare ourselves for the work of a king in our lives.

2. Where are we in the story of Jesus and John the Baptist?
We are the ones that John The Baptist is calling to repent.  So, just what is repentance? The full biblical definition of repentance is a change of mind that results in a change of action.

There are a lot of people in this world, who want to be saved, but they have no intention of repenting.  They want to benefit of Jesus,  but not the consequence of Jesus.  They don’t want to die and go to hell…but they don’t want to quit sinning either.  They just want to say, “Hey Jesus, I believe in you and when the time comes, I look forward to seeing you in Heaven…until then…I’ll be over here minding my own business.”

But this is not what we are called to do and this is not how we experience Jesus.  We are called to change our minds about how we live life.  We tend to live our lives with ourselves being at the center…of all we do.  But when we repent, we turn from this way of life and turn to al life where Jesus is at the center.  We are called to repent of life our way, and turn to life God’s way.

3. How does John the Baptist Point to the Good News?
Pointing to the good news of Jesus Christ is the only thing that John the Baptist ever did!  If you read our main scripture, you’ll see that when John’s disciples came to Him and told him that Jesus was there and people were going to Jesus instead of John, John’s response was, I am not the messiah, He is the messiah.  People should go to him.  And then he presented to plan of salvation.

Everything John the Baptist did, pointed to Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Jesus.  And one of the most powerful things he said was “He [Jesus] must increase, and I must decrease…”

Jesus must be the center of our lives…
Jesus must be our only message…
We must repent and prepare ourselves for Him!

Tomorrow morning, does life go back to usual?  Do you go back to work?  Do you go back to a focus with you at the center?  Or will Jesus still be the center of your life and everything you do?

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