Connecting the Good News to Jesus' Birth

Connecting the Good News to
Jesus' Birth
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
June 25th, 2017
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Connecting the Good News to Jesus being born

Our story today comes from Luke Chapter 2 and it is one of my most favorite scriptures in the whole wide world.  Luke 2:1-20 and it’s the story of the birth of Jesus.

Why is the Birth of Jesus important?
Out of all of the history that is in the Bible, this particular part of history, is one of the most important and outstanding.  We even have a holiday based on it.  And the reason it is important it is the story of the Birth of our Savior.  THE SAVIOR of the entire world, for its entire history. This story is the introduction of our hero.

The reason this story is important is because since Jesus was born, lived a perfect life and then died, it means that salvation is now possible.  For humanity to be saved, there must be a sacrifice of perfection.  In other words, there must be something or someone that is as perfect as God himself, to take on our sin.

Our sin needs a host so that it can be carried to hell, where it is left…If we were to take it there, ourselves, we would be stuck there along with our sin.  This is why scripture tells us that sin means death.  So, our sin needs a host…but not just any host, it must be a perfect, without sin, host.  And that host is Jesus Christ.

Jesus lived a perfect life.  He was and is holy.  He was and is, the only perfect one who can take on our sin, survive its destruction and come back to life, so that He may one day be our king.

And this story tells of this incredible, magnificent, perfect and holy God coming to earth…through the birth of Jesus.  Jesus came to earth to take on our sin, to hang on a cross, to die in our place, and to let our sin die with him, so that one day we may be free from sin.

Without Jesus…there is no sacrifice.  
Without Jesus…there is no way…no mechanism for us to be saved from our sin.
Without Jesus…We are doomed to death both physical and spiritual…
Without Jesus…everyone in this world goes to hell and is destroyed for eternity.  

And if we are all going to hell and be destroyed for eternity, God might as well go ahead and destroy us all now and start over. I mean if we are all doomed, what is the point of Him letting this go on?  The point is, that He loves us too much to just destroy us all and start over.  This is why He said during the flood…”I will never again, destroy the entire earth with a flood”…instead His plan is to redeem us and to save us from sin and restore us to His original design.

So without Jesus…there is NO Salvation…

Where are we in the story?
We are the shepherds.  The shepherds, were just hanging out, minding their own business, going on about their every-day life.  Then all of a sudden, God does something big in their life.  He sends them a HUGE sign that says there is a messiah or a savior. Then, they go and check it out for themselves and they find Jesus just as the Angels said they would…and they suddenly believe in Jesus.  And once they believe, they go running out and tell everyone they know about the good news.

Now…isn’t this the basic outline of a believer’s life?

We go about life, minding our own business, doing whatever it is that we do.  Then God gets our attention and through other Christians we hear about the good news of Jesus Christ.  At this point we check it out for ourselves…we read the bible, or we talk to another Christian, or we even look at our lives, and we come to the conclusion that:

Yes, Jesus is Real! 
Yes, Jesus is God!
Yes, we are Sinners! 
Yes, we need saving!!!
and Yes, Jesus is the only one who can save us!!!

This leads us to come to a belief in Jesus Christ and we place our faith in Him and confess Him as lord, then, with much excitement and hope, we Share the good news with others.

So, just like the shepherds, we hear the good news, we check it out for ourselves, we believe then we share with others (with excitement)!!

How does this story point to the Good News?
First of all, as we said before, it means salvation.  Salvation gives us hope that we are not all doomed.  And that certainly is good news…But there is another way that this story is even better news.  

And this better news is that the birth of Jesus is proof that all of God’s promises are coming true.  And this is the greatest news yet because it means that everything we read in scriptures is truth, including Salvation…but also so much more.

The fact that God’s promises are coming true means not only are we saved, it also means that Jesus will come again.  It means that Satan will be destroyed and thrown into the lake of fire.  It means that God will be our God and we will be His people. Salvation is just one small part of the bigger picture.  It is just one promise of the many glorious promises that we are given in Scriptures.

And what this means for us, is that we can walk around in good news. No matter what happens, we can walk around in confidence that these things will come true. That ought to put a spring in our step….

Do you truly believe that the Gospel of Jesus is good news?  

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