Connecting the Good News to the Stolen Blessing

Connecting the Good News
to the Stolen Blessing
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
April 30th, 2017
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Connecting the Good news to the Stolen Blessing

Our story today, comes from Genesis Chapter 25 and 27 and is the story of the stolen Birthright and blessing.  This is when Jacob, who was the twin brother of Esau Stole the birthright & blessing, the inheritance from His twin brother Esau.

So, just what is a birthright? And how is different from the blessing that is stolen?
Honestly, there is some debate as to exactly what each one of these things are.  Some say that a birthright has to do with position and honor within the family and includes a double portion of inheritance.  Others say that it is the blessing that has to do with the inheritance and who has power over who after dad dies. So, it’s not exactly clear as to exactly what each one of these things were.  But for us, exactly what they were doesn’t matter.

What is important to us, today, is understanding that birthright and the blessing was extremely important.  And it was typically given to the first-born male.  Meaning, they did not earn it, they did not purchase it, they did not work for it, it was simply given to them, because they were male and because they were the first male born in the family.

It is also important to us to note that both the blessing and the birthright did involve inheritance and privileges.  And that this inheritance and/or these privileges could be given away, stolen, or sold in very legally binding sort of ways.

1. Why is the story of the stolen blessing important?

This particular story is important because of the impact that it has on the rest of the History of our faith.  Jacob, who is later called Israel is the father of the 12 brothers whose families ultimately become the 12 tribes of Israel.  He is the father of the Jewish Nation. That is to say the chosen people of God.

And the blessing that presumably Isaac received from Abraham, and ultimately passed on to Jacob instead of Esau, is what sets this up.   God promised Abraham, and then Isaac that He would bring up a nation out of their family line, and that ultimately God would bring the savior of the world through that offspring as well.  And this blessing passed from Abraham, to Isaac, then to Jacob who becomes the father of the Jewish nation.

2. Where are we in the story of the stolen blessing?

Just as Jacob stole the Blessing from Esau, Satan tries to rob us of the blessings (and promises) God tries to bestow upon us.  And he does it through deception and lies.

He does everything He can, to get us to sin.  Because sin is going to separate us from our Father.  And because of this sin, we miss out on His blessings, and essentially His blessings are stolen from us.  EVERY TIME Satan convinces us to sin through lies and deceit, a blessing is stolen from us.

And Satan is so crafty, that at our weakest moments or when we are caught off guard…we end up flat out handing those blessings over to Satan just as Esau did with his birthright.  Jacob did not steal a piece of paper to get Esau’s birthright, but instead convinced him to just hand it over.  And this is what Satan does to us with sin.  He does not physically force us to sin, but convinces us to do it of our own free will, just as He did Adam and Eve in the garden.

3. How does the story of the stolen blessing point to Christ?

This story is all about a birthright and blessing that comes with an inheritance.  It is a birthright and blessing that is given to the oldest male simply because he was the firstborn, not because he earned it.  God offers us a birthright and a blessing.  A birthright and blessing that we have not earned and the only way we get this birthright and blessing is accept it as a gift.  The birthright that He offers us to become the sons of God.

John 1:12
Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

And with this right to become the children of God, there comes an inheritance.  We inherit the Kingdom of God and all that comes with being a child of God.  And here is the thing, we need understand the value of being a child of God.

Salvation is given to us for free…but this does not mean it is without value. The reason it’s free is not because it’s worthless.. the reason it’s free, is because it’s value is so high, we cannot afford it.  So, the the only way, we will have it, is if it is given to us.  

We must understand and treat salvation, and our right to be called the sons of God,  with the value it has, with the value of what was paid for it…not what we paid for it.   And the value of what was paid for it, was the value of the life of God’s only son, Jesus.

Many of us take our salvation, our relationship with Christ and throw it on a shelf carelessly, let it collect dust, cover it up with other dirty things, put it in the closet… get it out once a week on Sunday mornings.  But this is not how we should treat our salvation and relationship with Christ, instead we need to treasure our relationship with Christ.  Grow it, cultivate it, love it, rely on it….but above all things, treasure it.

Do you have the birthright that is offered to us by God?
Do you treat your birthright with the value it deserves?

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