Connecting the Good News to Joshua and Caleb

Connecting the Good News
to Joshua and Caleb
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
May 21st, 2017
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Connecting the Gospel
To Joshua and Caleb
Numbers 13:1-14:38

The story of Joshua and Caleb is the next in our series of connecting the Good News of Jesus Christ (the gospel), to the entire Bible.  If you aren’t familiar with the story of Joshua and Caleb and how, once they saw the promise land, they encouraged the Israelites to go and conquer it, then be sure to read it before reading our notes below.

1. Why is the story of Joshua and Caleb Important?

Once again, we are seeing God deliver on His promise.  His promise to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and so on.  God had shown Abraham this land about 1000 years earlier and said that one day, it would be his offspring’s.  And here, in this story, God shows them this land once again.  He has brought them to the land that was promised them so long ago and it was God’s intention to give it to them right here, right now.

Which brings up the second reason this is important to the History of the Israelites.  This could have been the end their wandering in the desert and it could have been the beginning of their happily ever after.  Remember it was God’s intention to give it to them right then.

But instead, what happened is that they saw God’s promised land and it scared them.  It seemed too big for them.  They saw how big and strong the people of the land were.  And they got scared…they lost faith in their God.  Even though, just 2 years earlier, He had slain their enemy right before their very eyes. But now their faith was lacking and because of this and because they didn't obey God, it added 40 years to their struggles.

In fact, it not only added 40 years to their struggle, but it also meant that none of that generation was living would get to live in the promised land, but instead that blessing would be passed on to the next generation.

2. How does the story of Joshua and Caleb point to Jesus?
This story, foreshadows our future with Jesus in a promised land of our own.  And that promise land is the Kingdom of God.  And just like everything was oversized and full of abundance in the Israelites promised land, everything in our promise land, will be bigger and better than anything we could have imagined.  So, this story foreshadows the promise land that Jesus offers us.

3. Where are we in the story of the Joshua and Caleb?

In this story, we are the Israelites.  And just as God led the Israelites to a land that was flowing with milk and honey, but was also a land that seemed way bigger than what they could handle, as God leads us through life many times He will lead us to something that seems way bigger than we are, something that seems overwhelming.  Sometimes it is a call on our life, other times He may be trying to deliver on a promise.  No matter what it is God is leading us to, sometimes it seems huge… Bigger than anything we can handle… it seems larger than life…

And here is the deal, just like the Israelites, when we find ourselves in this situation, and God has put something huge in front of us, we have choice.  We can choose to have faith and side with Joshua and Caleb and boldly say “if God is for us then who can be against us.” or we can act like the Israelites and whine and cry, and say “I can’t.” …and then wander in the desert for 40 years and perhaps even see our blessing pass on to someone else.

Do you have the courage it takes to march boldly into the promise land?

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