Connecting the Good News to Isaiah preaching about the Messiah

Connecting the Good News
to Isaiah Preaching about the Messiah
Pastor Stephen "Red" Shumate
June 4th, 2017
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Connecting the Gospel to Isaiah Preaching about the Messiah

This week we are continuing in our series of connecting the good news to the entire Bible.  And this week, making that connection is fairly easy because we are looking at when Isaiah prophesied about the messiah.    And the messiah that Isaiah is preaching about is Jesus Christ, so making our connection should in theory be easy.

Before we get into the scripture, let’s refresh ourselves on where we are in history.  First there was creation (this was about 6000 years ago).  Then about 1700 years after creation, the world became so evil that everyone and everything on earth was corrupted by sin.  And the thoughts of men were evil all the time.  So, God, cleansed the Earth with a global flood. After the flood God promises mankind, that He will never again destroy the entire earth this way again.

Because of this promise this now means, instead of destroying the world because of Evil, God will now need to save the world from Evil.  And the flood sets in motion the plan that God has to save the world.  And it started with the flood that essentially baptized the world or cleansed the world and prepared it for Jesus to come.

Then about 300 years after the flood, we have the story of Abraham and Isaac, and this is when God makes the promise to Abraham, that his offspring would become a great nation.  And it is through that Nation that He would ultimately bring the messiah or Jesus.  This happened about 2000 years after the world was created and about 2000 years before Jesus would come.

Then, 600 year later, Abraham’s offspring, indeed, has turned into a nation but has been living in captivity and around 1400 BC (2600 years after creation, 900 years after the flood), God frees the Israelites from captivity and proves to them and to the world, that He is the one and only true God, and has power over all things in the world.

40 years later, the Israelites enter the promise land, and 400 years after that, David becomes king.  We are still about 1000 years before Jesus when David becomes king.  During the next 400 years, Israel had its share of issues.  It split into two kingdoms, the northern kingdom and the southern. The southern kingdom was made up of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin.  This division characterizes much of the struggle that Israel had throughout its entire existence.  And it’s at this point, that it becomes clear, that God’s intervention is needed, if we ever have a hope of salvation.  The house of Israel at this point is a complete mess.

And this is where Isaiah enters the story. We are now about 3,300 years after creation, 1600 years after the flood and still about 600 or 700 years before Jesus will arrive.  And it is at this time, that we are really given the big picture of God’s plan to save humanity from Evil (which was the promise He made 1600 years earlier right after the flood).

So now we get to Isaiah, who is a prophet in Judah (the southern kingdom), and Isaiah tells us or prophesies about what is the next step in God’s plan to save us.  And that next step is that God will one day send a messiah.

Just what is a Messiah?
The word “messiah” comes from the Hebrew word “mashiach” and means “anointed one” or “chosen one.” The Greek equivalent is the word “Christos” or, in English, “Christ.” The name Jesus Christ is the same as Jesus the Messiah.

So, anytime we see the word Christ it means the Messiah or Jesus the anointed one.  And what that means is that Jesus was anointed or was specially chosen by God to come to be the savior of the world.  And that is important to us, because it means that nobody else has chosen for this role.  Jesus was the chosen one for this purpose.  NO one else…

And so now, in Isaiah 53, Isaiah is telling us THAT a messiah will be sent, and he describes the coming Messiah and the suffering He would endure in order to pay for our sins.

Why is this important?
This prophesy is important because it very clearly lays out what to expect, so when the messiah comes, we will recognize him.  Without a description of the Messiah, how would we know if the messiah came or not. And so, this scripture becomes important because when Jesus came and experienced all of these things, we can look at what Jesus experienced and we can look at this scripture from 700 years earlier and we can make this connection.

Where are we in the story?
Once again, we are Israel, and we are Judah.  Their house was not in order.  Sin had caused splits, lack of faith in God, and internal strife.  Sin had just caused the house of Israel to be in disarray, in need of saving.  In need of a messiah to come and fix these things.

And this is where we are.  Our lives, because of sin, are a mess.  Our world, because of sin is a mess.  We are in need of a Messiah.  And just like Judah and Israel were promised a messiah, we are promised a king.  Someone who will one day come in and fix all of this mess and that is of course Jesus.

How does it point to Jesus?
It’s fairly obvious that this story points to Jesus because Jesus is the messiah, but more importantly, Isaiah’s preaching points to the need for Jesus and the need for a messiah.  We all need a messiah, we all need saving.  This past week, during our wed. Bible study we watched a video of comedian Michael Jr. and he talked about the need for Jesus in a quite simple but elegant way.

First he used a GPS as an example.  He said that when you make a wrong turn, the GPS doesn’t abandon you, instead it recalculates and still tries to help you get back on track.  However, the more wrong turns you make, (the more you ignore the GPS) the rougher the road to get back on track is. And this is a good explanation because, Jesus doesn’t abandon us when we make mistakes, and the more we ignore him, the more off-track life gets.

Then he gave another example that illustrates our need for Jesus which I will use for the rest of my life…

He said, it’s like we all are houses and Jesus is standing outside knocking.  And a lot of people are okay with leaving Jesus outside and anytime they need Jesus they just open the door and tell Jesus what they need and then slam the door back in his face and go back to life as usual. But they never give Him access to change their lives.  They never let Him in their house.

The reason they don’t want Jesus in their house, is because their house is a mess.  Nobody escapes a messy house.  Some even try to clean their houses themselves, but they can’t.  The fact is, Jesus is the only one who can, and He is standing outside with a mop bucket, just waiting for you to invite Him in to clean up your house.

Then there are people who invite Jesus in, but confine Him to just 1 room…just one area of life.  And this room, is the room by the front window.  So, when people walk by they think… “Wow that person has Jesus…their house is clean, their life is so together…”  but if you were to go into the rest of their house, you would see that it is a bigger mess than yours.

We have to let Jesus in all areas of our life, in every room  of our house.  Even the embarrassing ones: the bathrooms, the closets… Some of us need to let Jesus clean out the skeleton we hid in there so long ago.  We need repentance and forgiveness for those things.

The thing is, we all need Jesus, we all need a messiah.  Our houses are messy…our lives are dirty…we are sinful and Jesus needs to come into all areas of our lives and clean it up.

For some of us, we have to stop just opening the door to Jesus only when we need him, and then shutting the door in His face, never allowing Him in our lives. Instead, we need to invite Him in to our messy lives, and let Him get to work.

For others, we need to give him access to all areas of our lives.  We’ve kept Jesus confined to just the front room.  The one by the front window that everyone can see.  We show Him off and make sure people see Him.  But we’ve only allowed Him to take over that one area of our lives that is most public.  When we need to give Him the whole house.

And still others, have let Jesus into most of their life, both public and private, but we are still holding onto the most embarrassing rooms.  Rooms that seem small and maybe insignificant.  That closet we never go into, but that closet that has a secret from a long time ago.  We think, that is such a small room, it’s such a small area of my life…It’s not even a part of my life anymore…I don’t visit that closet…but the thing is, it’s still there, and we still need to repent and ask for forgiveness.

My house is still a mess.  There is still a lot of work to be done, and there always will be.  I don’t know what your house is like, but I do know one thing…you need Jesus…You need a messiah.  

Have you accepted Jesus as your messiah?

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